Banu V.


Always good to come here!!! The drinks and salads are fantastic. Just in the heart of Stamford Downtown the staff really makes sure that they putting everything delicious on your table.



Love it! Best place in town. Perfect during Summer…and Winter too. Best food, drinks and atmosphere… Totally recommend it..!


The Stamford Life

I was at Capriccio Cafe recently ,and I found it one of the best places in Stanford for Casual Dining. I heard that during the Summer is “the place” to be and during Winter perfect to enjoy a good plate of pasta and a glass of wine. Best place to hang out with friends, have dinner or lunch and a couple of drinks. The staff is very friendly too. Definetely a place to go and try…


The Stamford Life

This is such a lovely place for a casual lunch or dinner. Simple ingredients, simple flavor, yet well prepared, you could taste love and experience it in their food. My favorite on their menu would be their pasta dishes. I tried almost all of them, and I just loved all of them. So well done: Simple and delicious! Try their salads in the summer. Order some grilled calamari if you only want something small. Their dessert is absolutely delicious, such as cream brulee, mixed berries custard… They are much better than some of those in higher end restaurants. I love that place. It’s so dear to my heart. The owner is always there to say hi to his regulars. Sometimes you get to see him with his group of friends and family at a large table hanging out. It’s just a very nice spot to hang out at.


The Stamford Life

I LOVE Capriccio ! It’s the best place in Stamford. The food is delicious, all the ingredients are fresh a made to order. The summer it iseven better, with the outside sitting, great drinks and good looking people. Place to don’t miss.



Likes it – The food is always quite good here and the prices are excellent for what you get. The menu seems to be very genuine, just like you were at a cafe in Italy. Very broad and delicious menu. Finish your meal, or just go for a great cup of espresso or cappucino. It’s the place to go and be seen when the weather is nice–on a nice weekend day or night it can be difficult to get a table at the one of thirty or so tables set up out front on the sidewalk. Great for a date and/or to meet friends in downtown Stamford.